Utilities Questions

How to perform CDDB queries in batch mode?

Just insert all CDs you want to query into the actual drive EAC uses (do not edit any data!), afterwards press Alt-P.

What are “Alternate CD Play Routines”?

These routines will playback audio tracks by extracting the data and directly playing them through the soundcard. It is not necessary that the drive is connected to the soundcard by a cable.

I tried to select several files at once, but afterwards, the first and last file changed place. What can I do?

In windows kernel is a bug, that occurs when selecting multiple files at once (e.g. in write dialog or in ID3Tag dialog). The first and last file name will be exchanged. This could result in some problems, so with the option “Correct bug of wrong filename order in Windows multiple file dialog” EAC will again exchange the first and last filename to the correct order.