This program is free for private use! This means, using the program will cost you no money, as long as you only use it for non-commercial purposes. No registration is necessary in this case, just use the version from the download page, it is already the full version.

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But I would greatly appreciate any donations made by you voluntarily to help me improving EAC by using the donations for compiler updates etc. Please note that cashing a check is very expensive (around US-$ 7) and so please don’t send checks if you want to donate anything, many thanks!

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I have now subscribed to PayPal, below is a donate button if you want to send something from your PayPal account or want to use your credit card. Alternatively (if the button doesn’t work) you can also directly send a payment via PayPal to the email address
Many thanks for all your support!

Please tell me what you like (or dislike) by sending me an email.

Please Note : I will no longer answer such emails or support requests. There are far too many of them in order to answer all of them. Please use the mailing list or the forum instead! Sorry for the inconvenience!