Glitch Removal

In the wave editor – and also on listening error positions after extraction – it is possible to remove glitches from wave files. But this will work only on uncompressed files in both cases.

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But what are glitches? Glitches are single samples that are completely out of the wave stream. Best to see on the following pictures, which is really an extreme example that probably won’t occur with EACs secure extraction.

Before: Afterwards:
Glitch Removal: Before Glitch Removal: Afterwards

Only these glitches are removed, all other samples will be preserved without any changes. When playing a wave file with glitches it will usually issue high frequent ‘ticks’. Linear interpolation is used in this case for removal of these glitches. Pops and other artifacts are burried deeper in the sample structure and can be removed using different functions. Glitches are created digitally, some single sample values are just wrong, all surrounding samples are most often fine.

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The well-known pops on the other hand occur mainly when having lost sync between audio blocks, where two parts of a wavefile are joined (and in case these parts do not fit together correctly). This does happen also on LP recordings where the head rumble over the groove. But regarding pop detection and removal, please have a look at the other chapters.