To Plextor for sending me a CD-Writer PX-W5224A, a CD-Writer PlexWriter Premium, a CD-Writer PX-W4220T, a CD-Writer PX-W1210A, a CD-Writer PX-W2412A, a CD-ROM PX-40TS, a DVD-ROM PX-116A, a DVD-Writer PX-708A and a DVD-Writer PX-712A for test purposes.

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To Mitsumi for lending me a CD-Writer CR-4802TE for test purposes.

I also want to thank Bertram Müller-Neuhöffer, Sotiris Papakostas and also Helge Böcker for helping me with debug information and test runs.

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Many thanks to the many people that are helping me to give support for EAC, I only want mention here as an example Grzegorz J. Dobrzański and Fred Maxwell, but there are many others which I am not able to list completely.

Thanks also to the many persons which registered EAC!