Main Legal Limitations

The full license agreement text is shown on installing or can be found in the Legal.rtf file that resides in the EAC directory.

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You are free to copy the program for private purposes, but it is not allowed to

  • Make changes to the executable and distribute it
  • Disassemble or decompile the executable
  • Spread it together with other programs on CD-ROM, web sites or any other media without my permission. It is allowed to put it up on free FTP sites or make links directly to my homepage. Of course you can pass a copy of it to your family and friends.

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For commercial use a special license is needed, please contact me for details. It is commercial use when any result of EAC (of the extraction engine, wave editor, writing engine, etc.) is used for any commercial purpose.

You can read about EAC webpages privacy policy here.