EAC now supports the AccurateRip plugin, which is included in the setup of the versions which support AccurateRip. If you don’t know what this is, please visit

The plugin called AccurateRip.dll is installed within the EAC directory and EAC should then recognize the plugin automatically. You can easily find out whether EAC has been loaded AccurateRip as the AccurateRip menu entry in EACs “Database” menu will be enabled. Additionally EAC will reserve a squared area for a symbol at the bottom right corner (besides the playback control).

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In order to setup AccurateRip, you usually need some CDs for calibrating the drives, you can read more on that on the AccurateRip homepage. This has to be done only once, afterwards the drive will stay configured. Basically, if you insert a CD that can be used to configure AccurateRip, a dialog pops up and guides you through the setup process. Once a drive is configured, it will automatically use the determined offset and ask the AccurateRip database for result comparison after extracting a CD. Further, on each rip some offset and checksum data is generated, which can be send to the AccurateRip database using the AccurateRip menu interface in EAC. This helps to insert more CDs for the initial calibration and for checksum comparison into the AccurateRip database. Right now there are plenty of CDs in the calibration database, most of the charts and pop/rock classics could be used to configure the drive.

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If a CD is contained in the AccurateRip checksum database, EAC will show an AccurateRip logo in the bottom-right corner of the main window. If that happens, EAC will show after ripping some AccurateRip information in the status dialog. It shows tracks checksums that are extracted from EAC and from the database. Depending on the confidence, you can rely that the track was ripped correct (or not correct). For more information, please have a look on the AccurateRip homepage.
If you have problems making EAC to run, please check these points :

  • AccurateRip works tracks-based (so the whole track need to be extracted in order to be checked against the internet database)
  • If the option “Remove leading and trailing silence” is enabled (checked), most probably not the full track is extracted and can not be checked against the AccurateRip database
  • Better activate “Fill missing samples with silence”, as then the track has the correct length, this does not harm if overreading is activated

At the moment, the AccurateRip database is already quite populated, but of course you should help to populate it further. After installation and configuration, EAC will automatically create checksum data for the database, which can be transmitted via EACs AccurateRip menu entry.

AccurateRip will simplify and support exact extraction even more than simply using secure mode!