Today I released 0.99 prebeta 4, which is mainly a service release of 0.99 prebeta 3. Some bugs are fixed (e.g. Accurate Rip info in the log) and some of the external programs are updated (Accurate Rip, FLAC, WM Encoding Script).
I wanted to have this version out before I start the work on the next release which will have larger improvements. Of course, the numerous changes that are planned for the next version will take some time, so don’t expect any new version until mid of the year…
Further I have included a desktop and quick launch bar icon in the installer which link to eBay. As the advertisements on the homepage dropped by a great amount over the last year, I decided to try to go this way. I hope that you can understand my decision! Anyway, the icons are created only on the installation of EAC and their installation can be easily prevented by deselecting the eBay component within the EAC installer. The EAC application itself is still completely free from advertisement or spyware (and will be)!
I hope that you will like the new version nevertheless!