Nearly after every beta there was need for a bug fix, the program is now such complex that even thorough testing can’t find all problems. But now after all severe problems are known, I hurried to bring out 0.9 beta 2 to make the release as stable as the 0.9 beta 1 should have been. Anyway, I hope this will work for you!

Finally here is the 0.9 beta 1. I hope this version is quite stable, though it is only tested for some days, no major bugs seem to be left. The many minor bugs and additions will be done in the next versions…
The following main changes are made from 0.9pb11 :

  • GUI restructured, added new buttons, changed button type to flat buttons. Artist and CD information is now directly accessible through the main window.
  • Profile usage is now easier and can be selected by a drop down box on the main window. For using your old profiles, copy them into the Profiles directory in EACs home.
  • Updated freedb usage to proto 5.
  • Configuration Wizard to setup basic drive, encoder and freedb configuration for beginner users.
  • Option setting for leaving out all advanced features, making it easier for beginners.
  • Secondary C2 extraction mode (may work better for some kind of erraneous CDs and for some but not every drive. Even if it may be misused for copy protected CDs, using this mode on protected CDs is only allowed when legal in your country). This mode is up to now very basic, and will be improved in upcoming versions.
  • Manual detection of TOC, usefull if a CD is defective and displays wrong track positions or data tracks instead of audio, EAC will try to detect the CD structure by analysis. For this, your drive must support Gap Detection mode B.
  • Uncompressed and compressed extraction is now divided, so compression options will missing “Internal WAV routines”.
  • More placeholders for external command line encoders in “User Defined Encoder” format, see FAQ for details.
  • Correction of MP+ decoding bug with command line decoder.
  • New Monkeys Audio (MAC) DLL support, you need at least DLL version 3.94.
  • Compression queue is saved to harddisk and continued on next EAC session.
  • Improving Pop Detection to 4 band analysis.
  • Some more smaller additions… ;))
  • Display of actual extraction position in real music time (for error checking)
  • Small corrections to ID3V2 routines, I hope they will still work 😉
  • Correction of support for some writers (no Philips/RAW MMC support though)
  • Many smaller additions and bug fixes

Again I hope you will like this version!
It is recommended to delete the registry enrty in HKEY_CURRENT_USER in order to prevent problems with previous versions.
Work will continue, the next big step will be a localization version, which will help to translate all EAC texts into your own language. But please do not ask when it is ready, it will be finished, when it is finished! Thanks.