This version is also a big bugfix release, but also incorporates many new features, I hope you will like it! I will really try to give out a new version more often from now on (I know, I promised so already earlier 😉
The following main changes are made from 0.9pb7 :

  • Again many bug fixes (File naming, CD writer module, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of CUE sheets from WAV images
  • Splitting of WAV images according to their CUE sheets
  • Option not to open external commandline encoder window
  • ID3V2 tag support (before you start reporting that the tags are unreadable, please not that EAC support already ID3V2.4.0, but most other actual applications don’t)
  • MP+ command line encoder support
  • WAV editor could use RAM for temporary data
  • Finally, C2 support for the PlexWriter series (only the newer modells)
  • Many, many smaller additions and corrections…

The next version will be probably 0.9beta. I hope you will like the new version, please be patient for the next one, I have only some spare time for EAC…