Today I release the 0.9pb4 to the public, but this was the last prebeta version I released to the public, the next ones will be non-public again. It was really a mistake to let anybody download 0.9pb3 without most people knowing what “prebeta” really means… Many think it is a full working version, but it wasn’t and also this one will contain many bugs, that’s why it is called prebeta. I just put up this version to remove most bugs of the last version.
The following changes are made from 0.9pb3 :

  • Many bug fixes (sound output, CDDB, LAME, cd write, MMC C2, etc.)
  • Support for some more writers
  • CD-Text write support
  • FAAC (both versions) support
  • Native SCSI support for WinNT/2000
  • Many improvements to the CD write layout editor
  • Some more new features…

Hope you enjoy it!
The SCSI native interface could be still buggy, on my computer sometimes the data was not transferred correctly. This is visible e.g. in displaying only one track (track number 00!) with other wrong informations. This could happen after working minutes or hours without any problem. I don’t know why this happens, if anybody can recreate a situation where this always occurs, please tell me…
Everything else should be quite clear, if there are questions please use the forum or the mailing list.
I am on holiday from 26.3. to 16.4 visiting USA for a car trip around Texas, Colorado, Nevada, California… So please do not send any registration cards nor emails (whatever kind), as my mailboxes would explode otherwise during these three weeks… 😉 Thanks!