Again sorry, I just found another possible bug, that I just removed. It has to do again with some WAV files in the wave editor making EAC stop. It only happened when having selected “No use of null samples for CRC calculations”.
Further I corrected the bug with the CDDB batch function. It should now work also. So please download again that version… Sorry!
I think this is still not the “final” 0.85 beta version, as I want to fix the Toshiba/etc “Can’t find matching read mode” bug first… So keep updated 😉

I am terribly sorry, but I could test as much as I want, it would never be enough 😉
I just returned from my weekend, so I hadn’t the possibility to do anything on it until now…
So users already reported my three severe bugs. I just removed these bugs and already put up an updated version (same version number though)

  • If no WM Audio Codec was installed, EAC would produce WMA files instead of WAV files when using Internal WAV Routines
  • Some WAVs loading in the audio editor make EAC stop at FFTWnd.2338
  • If no system TEMP directory was specified EAC started up with an error message at WndProcs.1093

Thanks for all reports on these bugs, but I will not answer the mails that only reporting one of these bugs, there were much too many of them 😉
It is possible that some drives will now make problems with 0.85beta when inserting a CD. If so, try the commandline options -nomultisession and -nocdtext when starting EAC (as explained on my Tips & Specs page)!
Further, several persons asked me not to use such a mailing list. They thought that will spread their email addresses and that they will be mail bombed with SPAM. On the homepage of is declared that they will not distribute any email address and that they will not send any unsolicited email. The only bad thing is that a small advertisment is added below each mail.