As I still have no confirmation of CDDB that EAC complies to the license agreement, I have to move the release date by a week. On the other hand I have some more time to do some additional features for the audio editor 😉 It took some time, because there were always some terms of license not correctly implemented. The last thing I had to change was the proxy and the proxy authentification… Sorry, but complying to the license agreement I had to remove them for 0.85 beta! If there are any complaints, please mail to them directly… So, new release date will be 30.7.99.. Hope you are not disappointed too much 😉

Other new features that will be in 0.85 beta

  • Nearly complete change of the audio editor, now it becomes usable 😉
  • Loop record mode for always having an amount of time in memory buffers, making it possible to start recording that amount later (for records from radio, etc. )
  • Automatic rename of MP3 files according to their ID3 Tag
  • Catalog of audio CDs, allowing to extract a specified time from the start of each track with optional fade out
  • Copy with gap prepend at the beginning of the correct track (with matching CUE sheet generation)
  • Some more bugfixing and some more new features…