Sorry to say that version 0.85beta is still not completed, but following a list of new features already implemented. A prebeta version is tested at the moment, meanwhile I will work on improvements of the audio editor. I expect that the official 0.85beta will be released somewhen around 23. July 99…

Already implemented

  • Secure mode for accurate stream drives that caches
  • Proxy authentification for CDDB and lyrics accesses
  • Multisession CD support
  • CD playing digitally possible (without cable)
  • Position slider for CD playing
  • Automatic creation of directories by filename specification
  • Power down computer after extraction
  • Priority selection for extraction and compression
  • More drive options (e.g. swap channels, spin up, etc.)
  • 3 different gap detection methods, so at least one should work with each drive
  • Better support for external compressors
  • Support for 10 types of external compressors (MP3, VBR, AAC, VQF, RA)
  • Batch compression feature with selected compression scheme
  • Batch decompression feature with automatically choosen decompressor (only .WAVs and .MP3s)
  • Compression and decompression could make an offset correction, as some compression schemes do not compress correctly. Also including autodetection for offset value
  • Local CDDB support
  • Saving options to registry
  • Creating and loading user profiles
  • Automatic changes to track names (e.g. upper all first characters)
  • CD-Text support
  • Submission of CD data to the official CDDB database
  • Export of CD data to text files, etc.
  • WAV recorder with dB level meter and peak level search (in dB) for checking on overamplified recordings
  • ID3 Tag editor with drag and drop from track list or CD database browser
  • Some more smaller features…
  • Really many bugfixes, e.g. IDE Yamaha crash on startup, Sync Error at the end of the last track, etc.

Moreover, I am sorry to say that version 0.81beta will pop up a dialog telling the version is rather old, without having a new public version out. I will try to patch that version and put a “new” 0.81beta version again on my page…