I am sorry that it took that long to finish the bug fix, but on the one hand I wanted to remove all that really bigger bugs and on the other hand I got the flu and couldn’t concentrate on anything week before last week… Now I am almost ok again 😉
So here is the (new) version that should fix most of the bugs of 0.8beta. 0.8 beta will be removed completly from the server, as the new one has nearly the same features…
The new version includes

  • Fix of error detection and correction that does not worked correctly in 0.8beta! Further I replaced the guessing routines with the ones from 0.7beta, as many mailed me that the newer ones worked not as good as them. When I find out how to improve them, they will be back again, but for now the older guessing routines should work ok for most users.
  • Fix of not finding matching read modes for some Philips and Toshiba drives. On these drives it is also necessary to select the option ‘Check for density parameters’. Further, some drives need to change wordnibbles to get correct results (otherwise only noise is extracted). For that a new option is included.
  • The obsolete part that slowed down burst copy is now removed. Now it will copy on my Plex 14/32 with max 16.5X (accesses to harddisk too slow, because I only use a cheap Fast-SCSI card) and test tracks with something around 23.0X.
  • Added ‘intelligent’ WAV file comparison. It will detect missing and extraneous bytes everywhere in the files and also gather other differences of both files. This feature could also be used in the WAV editor to easily select ranges of differences.
    Furthermore it could be used to determine the combined reader/writer offset.
  • The WAV editor now has another filter, smoothing. This is helpful for many kinds of defects beside clicks and pops.

It seems that the IDE versions of the Yamaha CD-R(W) drives will cause many problems, mainly crashing EAC on startup. Therefore I added command line options for these drives for the moment. I will soon debug this on such a drive. No other drives seem to cause such problems…