I did not had as much time as I wanted the last two weeks. So I didn’t work on EAC very much. But now, I have christmas holidays and work will go on a little bit faster again.
From now on, I will not only send notifications on new versions to the people in my mailing list, but also everytime a news entry is added to the What’s New page. The mail will contain the newsentry… If you don’t want to be in the mailing list anymore, just send me a mail. Thanks.
Expected release date of EAC 0.8 beta will be 18.1.99, but I have to wait if there are still bigger problems with it, this release date could change.
By the way, today I visited the ‘Star Trek World Tour’, but was not as big as I thought… The ratio of fun/money could be much better, but Star Trek fans will nevertheless have a look at it 😉

So, I wish everybody merry christmas and a happy new year!