Work is going on pretty well, but I have to say that it is most probably, that CDDB submission will not be in 0.8beta.
I am sorry for that, but if I would implement it right now, the release date will move at least a month… So I decided to put it back until 0.9beta.
All other features are implemented in time, at least I hope so. There will be plenty of new features in version 0.8beta, also some that are not named in the list above :)
But furthermore there will be some annoying bugs removed, at first the bug, that the last sector of a CD is not read in any case. So the last track will be one sector too short always. This was a really silly bug and I am sorry for that. Moreover there are error poping up like Assign Range at Utils.2593 and that the system slows down totally when starting EAC. So please do not mail me if you encounter any of these bugs, I know them already and I work on their removal. I don’t know if I am able to remove them all completly, but I will try so.
I have to say, that NOBODY mailed me regarding my last news entry (a few lines down) from the 5-November. :( If you are not getting pops, you probably made a CDDB database by yourself…
There is one more favour, I would like to ask. If you encounter any new link of a really big shareware site to my page, please tell me. And moreover if you find any review of EAC (or something similar) in a computer magazin, I really would like to have a copy of it (or at least the according pages, or if postage is too expansive, also a scan of that page would be sufficient)… Thanks in forward!