Release Date of version 0.7beta
This version mainly bugfixes many small and some bigger problems, also the hanging on some systems and some CDDB problems…
The new version includes

  • CRC checksum calculation for tracks
  • Test read function, allowing to calculate CRC checksums without using disk space
  • Disabling CD Autostart feature for runtime of EAC
  • Lyrics support (first try 😉
  • External MP3 compression support (including long filenames and ID3 tagging)
  • Automatic CUE Sheet creation of CD’s (including all track indices!)
  • Time format could be changed from hundredth seconds to frames
  • Leaving out WAV header (optional) for true MP3 files or raw audio data
  • Batch CDDB queries
  • Lots of bug fixes, and as always some new bugs
    (drive reset, speed selection and CDDB bugs should be fixed now)

One of the main bugs still in EAC reported by my beta testers is that after extraction the system is not really stable anymore at least on some systems. I don’t know why yet, because on my system everything seems to be ok. But to be on the safe side you should reboot if you need a real stable system. Sorry!
By the way, my Plextor came back like new after a week of repair… But I decided to sell that one and bought a new Plextor 32TSI already. Furthermore today I bought a Soundblaster Live! :)