I already removed many bugs of version 0.6beta, but there is still the main bug in it… On some systems (until now only SCSI systems are affected) the system hangs after starting extraction. The drive LEDs are flashing like the drives doing a reset. The flashing LEDs bug is already removed, but on these systems there is another bug on it (perhaps very similar to that other bug), that will read now the first part of the track only zero samples and the rest correctly. I will go debugging it on a friends computer next week.
Because of that many bugs, I decided to bring out a new version earlier than planned. If everything works fine and I will find that bug, version 0.7beta is planned to come out end of next week. It will not have all features described above, to be honest the main features (Submission, Pop Removal and Secure Mode for Caching Drives) will miss. But I think bug fixing should be done first.