Release Date of version 0.4beta
At first I have to excuse me about a speed calculation bug. The calculation uses a wrong constant and the result was slightly higher (to be precise, 1.176 times higher). So this is now fixed and the cd-rom drive table is updated. I just wanted to tell, because otherwise some will think the program is getting slower.
I hope to have found the solution of the ASPI bug, not showing up any drives, but I will wait if this is correct. ASPI Error EBh still comes up in some versions of ASPI, sorry.
The new version includes

  • CD player functions and prelistening to ranges
  • Detection of pre-track gaps/li>
  • Burst extraction method/li>
  • Some new bugs/li>
  • New known bugs are

    • The detection of pre-track gaps will take far too long on some computers (usually it should take a second per track). I will need some more tests on these computers. The detected values are not 100% correct in these cases./li>
    • Find out yourself…/li>