Release Date of version 0.5beta
A few days ago I saw that the program crashes on some systems, even the version 0.4beta. Damn. Why didn’t anyone told me that this happened? Now it is too late for this version to fix it. I will have some tests if I can get hold of such a computer. I have to install my complete programming environment and then debug the whole thing… It still seems to be a problem with the ASPI interface.
The new version includes

  • Local CDDB database
  • Import/Export of cdplayer.ini entries
  • Filename construction and ID3 Tags
  • Sample Offset detection and correction
  • Speed detection and selection. This feature was made in a hurry and will work or not. It should show up the possible speeds in the selection box. If you think, that the values are not correct or the speed actually read is faster than the selected, please tell me!
  • Beep or eject CD after task finished
  • Some more safety checks and other stuff
  • Two more extraction methods
  • Still old bugs
  • Update of almost all my webpages
  • Making all old versions available for download

I am not able to read or answer mails until next monday, so please be patient…

I have nearly finished the local CDDB and Cdplayer.ini support. I will try to finish both speed selection and sample offsets until expected release date 26.8.98, but I can’t promise. It’s a problem to me, testing my speed selection routines with my drives and my ASPI interface..

I am terribly sorry, by accident I changed the link to EAC v0.4beta back to v0.3beta…
It is now fixed again… Sorry…

The student server will go down next weekend. It should be up again on monday morning.

Release Date of version 0.4beta
At first I have to excuse me about a speed calculation bug. The calculation uses a wrong constant and the result was slightly higher (to be precise, 1.176 times higher). So this is now fixed and the cd-rom drive table is updated. I just wanted to tell, because otherwise some will think the program is getting slower.
I hope to have found the solution of the ASPI bug, not showing up any drives, but I will wait if this is correct. ASPI Error EBh still comes up in some versions of ASPI, sorry.
The new version includes

  • CD player functions and prelistening to ranges
  • Detection of pre-track gaps/li>
  • Burst extraction method/li>
  • Some new bugs/li>
  • New known bugs are

    • The detection of pre-track gaps will take far too long on some computers (usually it should take a second per track). I will need some more tests on these computers. The detected values are not 100% correct in these cases./li>
    • Find out yourself…/li>
    • Our student server was down yesterday. If somebody send me an e-mail that I haven’t answered yet, please re-sent the e-mail.