I have nearly finished two new features of EAC: CD player functions and gap length determination.
All CD rippers, I know of, will append the gap between two audio tracks to the previous track. My program will now analyze the CD and determine the length of each gap. It will be possible to append the gap or to left it out.
These two features are surely in 0.4beta (it will take a week more until next update), but I will try also to implement block offsets for non-accurate stream drives. I don’t know if I could do the spindown already in this version…

Release Date of version 0.3beta
This new beta is forced to come out, because version 0.2beta made problems on a huge number of computers.
Main problems was “Access Violation” and “ASPI interface could not be initialized”. These errors are still in EAC, but it should run on more computers again. I still don’t know why the ASPI Interface often could not be initialized (This is not only a bug in my program – try starting ASPICHK from Adaptec. On my computer it always shows the same intialization failure). Have a try with different ASPI versions to install.
The new version includes

  • Normalization of extracted audio
  • Safety check for available harddisk space
  • Compile-time dynamic linking of the ASPI interface
  • more or less bugs 😉

I recognized that EAC won’t work on many computer having either an “Access Violation” or an error message “ASPI interface could not be initialized”. I’m already working on this problem and I hope to bring out a new bug-fixed version on 22-July.
Interfacing the ASPI dll caused these problems, because my compiler has not a C compatible parameter passing. So I will use compile-time dynamic linking in that version. I hope it will work.
Normalization is nearly done and probably also in the new version.

Release Date of version 0.2beta

  • Copy of ranges of audio cds
  • Fast reading mode
  • Still some bugs
  • New homepage
    This “Whats New” page will updated more often than the downloads

Back from my one week england holiday 😉