As the last version had some quirks in the track selection handling, I release this fix for the problem of selecting tracks individually. Sorry about the problems!

The updated EAC 1.2 provides mainly bug fixes for the CDRDAO component and updates the cover search in the freedb++ plugin. There are some more minor bugs fixed and the handling of track selection again modified. I hope that this is a compromise that everybody could live with… Hope you like it!

New Version 1.1

Here comes a version which fixes quite some recent problems and adds a new plugin for AcoustID in the package (but is not installed by default). Hopefully it works for you!

In order to fix a severe problem with crashing EAC whenever a read error occurs, I have published a new update. Please install the update as soon as possible! Sorry about any inconviences!

The last version had still some problems, mainly the Cygwin component could cause some problems in some Windows systems. Therefore I updated the Cygwin components, hopefully the problems are now gone. Also the CTDB plugin needed an update which is also included.

Happy Easter!

The last update was a really long time ago, but finally here comes a new version of EAC.
There are no larger new features, but bug fixes mainly regarding drive detection and problems on installing the .NET plugins made it necessary to release this service update.
Also I updated the freedb++ plugin, so that it again finds more covers to choose from. This plugin will be released as public domain shortly (I always wanted to do that, but I always wanted to comment the whole code first – I gave up on that…)
Finally I updated several included external components, like CTDB and Flac.
Hopefully everything works right out of the box, as there aren’t that much changes in it anyway.

The released beta 3 of EAC is probably the first really stable 1.0 version, as many more bugs are fixed. For an exact list, please read the News.rtf file, which is stored in the EAC directory by the installer (and which can be accessed via the start menu).
This version includes the CTDB plugin written by Gregory Chudov. It will not be installed by default, you need to check the plugin option in the installer. If everything works as expected, the next version of EAC will come with the CTDB plugin installed by default. So try it out now!

I have worked very hard the last 6 month to present you an updated version of EAC, and here it finally comes. It fixes many problems (e.g. saving WAVs in the audio editor and WMA compression should be working again), but also brings you a renewed user interface and an improved metadata editing. One thing I am especially proud of is the autocomplete for the artist and for the composer field. New tag fields like lyrics are also included. The replacers (like %s) are exchanged against some more meaningfull replacers (like %source%). A list for the compression command line replacers can be found in the FAQ. A new professional metadata provider plugin from Get Digital Data is also added, which provides automatically cover images and more metadata information. You can test 10 lookups before purchasing a lifetime license for only $7.99 if you like it. Of course the old freedb plugin can still be used and now includes basic lyrics support. I still plan to open the freedb plugin as open source, so that the community can extend and correct that plugin – or even create new ones for other metadata services. New is also support for a different kind of plugin, which is able to analyse the extraction data and process it somehow, a new plugin for that will emerge soon…
Have fun!

Finally here is the new version 1.0 beta 1 which has some mighty new features. I took some time (mainly the complete change to unicode character set), but alls well that ends well…
Here comes a list of the new features:
+ Unicode support for all fields (but not CD-Text)
+ New database engine for storing CD information (old databases can be imported)
+ Metadata plugin support, for now there is a freedb plugin included. This will be released as open source freeware soon.
+ Cover support, can be drag’n’dropped from a file, a web page oder can be retrieved via a metadata plugin (support included in the freedb plugin). Cover can be written into tags or in the extraction directory
+ AccurateRip v2 support
+ Better Windows 7 support (like progress display in taskbar icon, storage of user data in the correct folders, etc.)
+ Free selection of first track track number (including option to continue numbering from the last inserted CD)
+ Option to always write the log file in english language
+ Option for writing a checksum over the extraction log data to the log file
+ Average extraction speed is listed in the log file
+ Possibility to write only V2 tags (and no V1 tags)
+ Free choice of replacement characters for filenames
+ Range copy selects now the first selected consecutive range of tracks as default
+ New folder browser dialog (system dialog for folders)
+ Added two placeholders for filename creation for track length (min and sec)
+ Test for (command line) compression options (and display of a sample command line)
+ Menu for removing unwanted/doubled spaces from “cd title”, “artist” & “track titles”
And some features are now removed:
– Removed Windows 2000 support (and any older OSs)
– Removed ID3V1 tag editor
– Removed compression offset
Hope you like it!
The next version is also planned, it will mainly contain an additional demo for a commercial metadata provider (if anybody would like to have access)

I thought that creating a Twitter account would be helpful for letting you participate on small steps of EAC development. I will try to post smaller progress information into my micro-blog, as soon as I have some work done on EAC. And I also try to give some background information on some design decisions I will make throughout the development process. If you are interested (and maybe be able to give feedback to some design decisions), I would be glad if you follow my micro-blog on

But please note, that (even though I will read each comment) I will not be able to answer most of your comments. And also please don’t expect any daily updates!