Release Date of version 0.6beta
I hope this is a pretty stable version and that the main feature, the CDDB support will work properly.
The new version includes

  • Remote CDDB database support
  • Listen to suspicious positions
  • Glitch removal
  • Fix of speed detection and selection
  • Browse and edit of the local database
  • Spindown on errors and fallback afterwards
  • Some bug fixes, some new bugs
  • Update of almost all my webpages, but still no real private homepage… It will be done as soon I find time next week… 😉
  • Moved old versions to a subdirectory, because some web pages still points to these old versions like 0.1beta or 0.2beta…

Development will slow down a little bit, because at the moment there is lot of other work to do at the university (that start again next week), preperations for examinations and seminars, furthermore I still have to work besides to earn some money.
But really bad is that yesterday my nice Plextor TSI 12/20 cdrom drive killed itself somehow. The drive will not accept any CDs anymore and sometimes the red LED flashes five times, over and over again. This will delay development at least some weeks, I hope I find my guarantee billet, I don’t want to buy a new drive… :(