Translations of EAC

All available translation files for EAC on this page can be downloaded (unzip them and put into EAC's Languages directory, they will be found after restarting of EAC). All translations that are a work-in-progress are not listed here. If you find any problem with the translation, please mail the person responsible for that translation, the address of each translator is provided within the appropriate language pack, have a look at the about box in EAC when the language is selected.

If your language is not yet assigned to be translated and you want to do the work, please write to To do the translations well, you should have good knowledge of your own and of the English language, and have a look at the English resource file that comes with EAC. This file is 140 kB in size, and will take quite some time to translate! Be absolutely sure, that you really want to do this before mailing me!

Of course, there might be problems trying to translate EAC using this resource file. Depending on your language there might be different character sets, that will not be displayed correctly, or your language is written from right to left, etc. If it is not possible this way, please contact me to see if it can be changed (slightly) to make translation into such a language possible.

Please do not ask the authors for the language files, they will be published here for download as soon as they are finished. Only contact the authors for errors in the translation or similar issues.

List of Translations

The most current version of language files (0.95b4)
Chinese (Simplified) Liu Peng, updated by Oscar Zhang Download
Croatian Jimy Download
Czech Sezob Download
Danish Frederik Sunne Download
Dutch Gerard Emonds Download
English Andre Wiethoff Download
French Christophe Démaret Download
German Andre Wiethoff Download
Hungarian Gábor Gerdenics Download
Italian Tullio Foti Download
Japanese Chappu Download**
Korean Bkvorbis Download
Norwegian Řistein Rian Download
Polish Grzegorz J. Dobrzański Download
Portuguese (Brazil) Daniel Secco, updated by Fabiano Uesler Download
Russian Dmitry Yerokhin Download
Serbian Ivan Pešić Download
Slovak Jan Mili Download
Spanish Pelayo Puche Download
Swedish Per Mĺlare Download
Ukrainian Vitaliy Magoushinets Download
Uzbek Sherzod Mamatkulov Download
Older and not yet updated language files
Chinese (Traditional) Paul Siu Download (0.95pb3)
Japanese Chappu Download (0.95b3)**
Portuguese (Portugal) Mauro Alexis Download (0.95pb3)
Serbian Ivan Pešić Download (0.95b3)
Taiwan stfl Download (0.95pb2)
Some language files are added to the main installation package
** Japanese language file has been fixed and includes a patch for the executable to change the text size
• Zawiera pomoc w języku polskim dostępną z poziomu programu (menu Pomoc lub klawisz F1)

For any issue referring to the translations, please contact .


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